The third quarter 2023 confirms Alfa Romeo’ steady growth

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  • Once again, Alfa Romeo has filed Q3 2023 showing steadily growing sales results around the world. The overall global figure for the year was up by a solid 39%, with a rise of 10% year-on-year for the quarter just ended.
  • Europe is a major contributor to growth: the overall annual figure is up 66% net. The third quarter ended up 15% year-on-year.
  • Strong and steady growth continues in Middle East & Africa: a rise of 128% over the year as a whole and up 66% in the third quarter.
  • The India-Asia Pacific region also grew, with the Tonale’s debut contributing to a rise of 27% for the quarter. The overall year-to-date figure shows an increase of 5%.
  • In Asia, to follow its debut in Hong Kong, Alfa Romeo has strengthened its presence in the region with the opening of a new official dealership in Singapore. In China, the launch of the new Giulia, the new Stelvio and the Tonale has completed the Alfa Romeo line-up. The Plug-In Hybrid version of the Tonale has made its debut in Japan.
  • In the U.S., where the Tonale has just come on sale, the main highlight is the result for September, with a rise of 7% year-on-year.

After filing a first half of the year with extremely positive results, Alfa Romeo continues its steady growth, based on its discipline in implementing a solid strategic product plan based on rigor in pursuing the highest standards in terms of quality. With a constant eye on the European market, the brand’s strategy is focused on strengthening its global presence. Alfa Romeo recently made its official debut in Saudi Arabia, on the island of Martinique, in Singapore, in Hong Kong, and strengthened its presence with the launch of the Tonale in Dubai, Morocco and Japan.

The goals the brand has set itself are clearly challenging, and 2023 is proving a complex year, although outstanding business performance confirms the robust strategy adopted by the brand.

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Globally in Q3 2023, the brand’s registrations grew by 39% and 10% in the quarter in question, with strong growth in Europe demonstrated by average values of a rise of 66% YTD, and 15% up in the third quarter.  Driving the region’s outstanding performance were Italy (up 95.3% YTD; up 36.5% in Q3), Germany (83.7% YTD; 37.9% in Q3), Belgium (82.0% YTD; 59.4% in Q3), and France (72.3% YTD; 7.7% in Q3).

Recording an increase of 128% in the annual total, the Middle East & Africa region has confirmed its record-breaking growth trend, with a rise of 66% in Q3 alone. The region is currently a certainty for the Italian brand, which has been growing steadily since 2022. Specifically, Turkey has emerged as the global leader in terms of growth rate in volume, up sixfold year-on-year. The extremely positive trend is also confirmed this quarter with a rise of 160%. To strengthen the brand’s presence in the region, the entire Alfa Romeo line-up (the Giulia, Stelvio, and Tonale) has been launched in Dubai, with the new Giulia and new Stelvio debuting in Morocco.

In Asia, Alfa Romeo continues to strengthen its presence. With a rise of 27% compared to Q3 2022, the India-Asia Pacific region is a key strategic area. To testify to the brand’s focus, a new official flagship store has opened in Singapore, to follow on from the brand’s debut in Hong Kong. In addition, in China and Japan, after the launch of the new Giulia and new Stelvio, the time has come for the Tonale, orders are which are finally open for the brand’s fans.

The Tonale has also made its debut in the U.S. To follow amazing results in terms of quality in the Initial Quality Study (IQS) produced by JD Power – in which Alfa Romeo took the top step of the podium among premium brands, with third place in the industry as a whole – the Italian brand is ready to re-establish itself with a renewed line-up in a continent with great potential: in September, there was a decent rise of 7% year-on-year.

Finally, Alfa Romeo’s return to Martinique is worth a mention, with the opening of a new brand showroom.

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