Renault and Nissan conclude definitive agreements

Itumeleng Garebatshabe
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Renault Group, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced on February 6th a new chapter of their Alliance, aiming to reshape their collaborative model to make it more agile, and pave the way for improved competitiveness. This new scheme lays the foundations of a new balanced, fair, and effective governance, while maximizing value creation for each Alliance member. The definitive agreements have been concluded on July 26, 2023, and the transactions contemplated are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of the year.

In that context and within the framework of its discussions with employee representative bodies, Renault Group has shared today the new way of working for all functions and projects related to the Alliance.

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By the end of 2023, the Alliance’s organization will transit from a standardized global model towards a project‑driven cooperation to enable quick and agile decisions and suit regional requirements. It will leverage each partner’s geographical strengths, technical resources, and market expertise to support their respective strategic plans.

These evolutions have been designed to fit with the new trend of the automotive industry: markets are becoming more and more regional due to the differences in regulations, in the path of electrification as well as in connectivity needs.

The Alliance purchasing organization will evolve into distinct organizations focused on a project-by-project approach. The leading company of a given project will have the autonomy to define the specifications and processes to match the product requirements of each company while complying with regulations for the related region. This new set-up will ensure quicker decisions and operational efficiencies along several dimensions: markets, technologies, vehicles and beyond, to support the implementation of the Alliance common projects for Europe, Latin America, and India.

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